unsettled waters (2016)

video collaboration with Gwen MacGregor, presented as part of in/future Art Festival in Toronto.

10 minute film using footage of The Tall Ships’ visit to the Toronto Harbour intertwined with footage of tidal waves from existing films, creating an irreverent scenario where Lake Ontario takes revenge on the colonizers.

re-imagining the past in connection to the land as a witness to colonial trauma, “unsettled waters” grants us an opportunity to challenge hegemonic perceptions of nationhood, while offering radical potentialities for decolonial futures.

unsettled waters screening view at Cinesphere, Ontario Place. video collaboration with Gwen MacGregor

screening view at Cinesphere, Ontario Place

unsettled waters video still, ferry boat with tall ship on the distance, toronto. video collaboration with Gwen MacGregor

video still, unsettled waters


3 min. excerpt

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